Did you see Beyoncé? Or did you watch a projector?

My brother asked, as I raved about my weekend drinking Lemonade.

This shot encompasses the emotions I felt when I was asked that question.

Last month, I took trip down to Atlanta with some friends. While planning the trip, we realized that Beyoncé would be performing that same weekend in the same vicinity that we would be staying. There was a non-verbal consensus, we were going to see Beyoncé.

For the past year, my business analyst and I have been working on a project that presents a new form of event ticketing for major concerts. One that organizes concerts for the people by the people as well as raises funds for community programs geared at uplifting Arts and Music presence in underrepresented communities. In other words, generally I am not a fan of the event ticketing industry.


However, a close friend purchased the tickets. She informed me that the tickets were bought on the secondary market (i.e. re-sale website)and the service fee was about 22%. The tickets ended up costing about $100, I did not ask too many details about the seating — after all I was going to be with some of my favorite girls watching our favorite girl perform. My friend comped my ticket, and that was my Hillary Clinton campaign funds-Goldman Sachs moment.

For years, I have always said, “I don’t know why anyone would pay that much money to watch a projector.” That is usually rebutted by people that say, “it’s the energy.” After my experience in Atlanta, I am conflicted by the statements above; almost as much as I was when Beyoncé asks, “What’s worse? Being jealous or crazy.”

Regardless; we went to the concert, we let our inner queens out (we went to slay), watched Bey from a really cool projector, sang at the top of our lungs, and danced the night away in our 3-inch heels. That was one of my favorite memories of 2016 so far.

“Don’t hurt yourself.” — Beyoncé

But something happened when my brother asked me, “Did you see Beyoncé? Or did you watch a projector?” The thoughts that I had shunned during the concert resurfaced:

Wow, can you imagine the people that are in front row?(They’re probably crying, because watching Beyoncé is what I imagine watching Michael Jackson would be like)

Technically each drink purchase is about 10% of my ticket price, oh lord.(Maybe I really just to pay the cashier to carry me back to my seat because these heels and those stairs are enough to enforce sobriety)

Did I have more fun in my living room with more friends when we watched the “On The Run” HBO Special with Jay Z and Beyoncé in 2014? (I plead the fifth)

Beyoncé has said, “If you got it, flaunt it,” so if you have no problem paying 3 figure$ to watch a projector then more power to you! However, between: Sallie Mae, T-Mobile’s cut, LA rent and fun times not spent in Atlanta, there is still a lot that $100 can do for me and watching a projector — in the near future — isn’t one of them.

. . .

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