August 12, 2016 —

Mendell Plaza, 3rd and Palou

1429 Mendell Street, San Francisco

Got the drummettes (8 or so to a plate, ask for hot sauce-$8),

August 7, 2016

Really dope show. The range of the vocalists, and the serious funk from the band, was truly impressive. Their catalog is full of classics. Music fans of any age will enjoy their live show.


(Sextant Coffee Roasters, March 31st, morning)

The Cups Experience

March 29th to 31st 2016

Day 1


Parts of How WINTER 2016

April 4th 2016

photos appear in chronological order

The Fillmore District, San Francisco

Across Geary Street

from Japantown Peace Plaza

At the Old Mint, 5th Street off Market. You may see anachronistic folk on the steps and by the entrance you see in the above photo.


Notes from a Dark Theater:

Michael Moore’s

Where To Invade Next

Saw a movie review of Where To Invade Next today. Did not want to hurt the film’s bottom line publishing these photos of my notes too soon. Here’s some of Moore’s stolen ideas….

Also top-rated globally. Least school hours, highest-rated…. maybe level of education, maybe “quality of Education” . Many polylingual students abroad, too.

To restate an important tweet, standards are a place where governments, and participatory democracies especially, share, exchange and grow. {In the Tweet’chives, I termed standards a place for governments to “click” at.}

We used to, anyway — our 18th-c. …

UZ Smalls

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