A new communication platform for me : Plag

This application was only a homework to me in the beggining. I was obligated to download and use it. You post something and people swipe up if they like, down if they don’t. The more it’s swiped up, the more it’s spreaded. In my opinion it is actually too different from the other applications like facebook, instagram (etc) because generally in facebook and instagram you follow the people you already know. You follow them because you know them and you like their posts not only because you really like the posts but you like those people. Limited amount of people see your posts. I can say that it is nonsense and just for fun :)

However in Plag, your posts are seen by hundreds, thousands of different people from different places, cultures, languages. People do not post their own photos, selfies remade by photo effects, they post global things, write their feelings or thoughts. The things you post are more objectively evaluated by people. Having “that” amount of followers and “this” many likes are not things that people think of or care when they post something. It is really universal, I think, a very good social media channel.

Some of my posts were spreaded by two thousand people; about an hundred people commented under one of my posts. We chatted about music styles and pop music with three people from different countries. That’s fun. Virtual but real at the same time. I will keep on using this application after my homework is over too because it is a nice way to share ideas and opinions.

An example of a Plag publication
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