So you got your V1 and decided it was time to redeem it on! The ‘bridging’ process will happen using our tooling and here below we talk about some IRL aspects of the redemption process and merch delivery.

Every NFT has its metadata, which is a description of its content and properties, including name, attributes, date and time of creation, and any other information the creator thinks relevant. This metadata also contains a link to the multimedia asset (the .jpg, .png, .mp4 etc.) that gives the NFT its value. Basically, the metadata it’s a unique and very detailed “tag” with all the relevant information about the NFT.

For our first drop, V-IRL’s NFTs metadata come with some “open fields”, which have to be filled by the owner at the redemption moment. These are personal information relevant for the redemption process such as the shoe size and the delivery address. Using a form available on V-IRL’s web, the owner will submit the info, which will be part of the metadata and only shared between owner and provider (for our Genesis Drop and the shoes, this is MattB Customs). So, at this point, only you and the people crafting your merch will know where you want it to be sent.

V-IRL’s redemption experience also includes receiving exclusive pictures and video clips through! The owner can anonymously communicate with the provider using the tools available on our web, and the provider will be able to send exclusive material and updates about the merch being made.

The IRL delivery will need to happen at some point and this obviously has to be delivered somewhere: there’s no way around it. If you want to keep it as private and anonymous as possible, we can give you some tips about setting up your delivery. However, consider that there might be extra required information for international shipments (outside the UK).

We just want to reassure you that your private information won’t be on the blockchain available for all to see. You choose what you want to share and with whom. If extra information is needed for the shipment, this will be shared with the provider and delivery service and that’s all.

Below there are some ideas of how you can organize your delivery and how to keep anon what can be kept anon:

1. You can rent a Post Office box.
2. You can use an anonymous recipient by addressing the package to “occupant” followed by an address.
3. You can use a package receiving service.
4. You can use a mail forwarding service.
5. You can get your parcel delivered to a friend, relative or to your office.
6. You can ask a hotel or shop if they could receive a package.
7. You could have someone you know in the UK to receive it and ship it for you.
8. You can have someone that is passing by Manchester to pick it up for you in person. :)

We will continue to look for ideas and possibilities of anonymous delivery and share them with our community.

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