Journalism — will it die, will it survive?

My love towards journalism started long ago. I guess it was fifth or sixth grade, or I don’t know, maybe later. When I shared my aspiration “what I wanna be, when I grow up” I was considered to be childish and stupid. Ten years later I am studying journalism. And still, I am considered to be childish and stupid.

“What do you study?- Journalism. Really? You have to study to be a journalist?” No, I guess you should have probably finished first grade and know ONLY how to write — is probably the best answer.

My point here is that — nowadays journalism is not even considered as worthy to be a profession. Why? I don’t have idea. If we go back in the times we will learn that sometimes long ago — we developed nations thanks to the first newspapers, sometimes long ago — we built civilizations because we discovered the power of the word and nowadays we created the most powerful countries based on the power of the information. But still most of the people, even if they are addicted to daily news and infos still consider that journalism is not worthy as any other profession.

And the truth really is that journalists exist, not because of politicians or countries, journalists exist because of the people and because the need of information is still present, because somebody has to be the medium between the politicians and the people, or the connection of the people with some weird numbers of the economy that they will never understand if somebody don’t explain them in the most easiest way, and relation between the state and the population. Somebody has to present you what is happening in the world, and don’t you dare to think that we don’t need journalism when we have Internet. We need journalists, more than ever. Journalists all over the world, that will introduce everything that is happening, so we can stay informed.

Even degraded, even insulted or valued less — even than, journalism will exist because somebody has to be there for the people.

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