How to Build a Website like Yelp?

What is Yelp?

Yelp is one of the most popular websites where users have a possibility to find the right services and check the reviews. Yelp was founded in October of 2004 in San-Francisco, CA. 115 million reviews of various services have been written since Yelp’s inception. The company employs 4,000 people and receives around 142 million unique visitors per month. In 2015 Yelp received $550 million revenue (information taken from Wikipedia).

If you want to offer users a product, as did the owners of Yelp, but a similar idea for business has already been implemented — don’t get frightened by someone else already doing what you want to do. It’s not just about being first, but it’s all about giving the most value to your users. Often startups might not have a unique idea, they just repeat and complement an existing one. A lot of this is understandable as it stemmed from competition in the market.

Since the other services could become one of the most popular resources (as a result, increasing number of users and profit), what prevents your company to do the same?

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