A New Testament To Humanity

An 8min 46sec of gruesome injustice that has put the existence of humanity into a huge Un-Avoidable question.


In the world of Concrete jungle, there is every human with different dimensions in life, projecting diverse energy, and moods towards another. As a human, you have your pros and cons, you have a favorite person and the person you hate the most.

In the course of human evaluation, A person has his/her Ethnicity, their sense of class, and their own sense of social status when it comes to money. Everybody has a difference in their CHOICE of food, clothes, Choice of rather buying in a Thrift store or in a fancy Chanel store.

We as Social insects and the so-called Millenials have established countless rules in this society that nobody ever taught us from the day we were born. These have been embedded in society and are still continuing regardless of the change in our daily life.

Everybody has there own choice of Loving someone regardless of race, ethnicity, and social status because these feelings “COME FROM A PLACE CALLED LOVE”.

Human beings have their own circumstance and struggles. But, in the whole bundle of Society Norms filled with endless notions on who is good or bad, we have few words that are present but not being acknowledged.

These three words have no place for Racial issues, Class issues, Privilege issues.

It takes a few seconds- to make a person feel his/her worth, to say that your life matters, to make a person feel that the world is still a wonderful place.


It takes a few exchange of words to say that “You are a BEAUTIFUL PERSON” and that matters to a lot of people. It takes a bottle of beer to make a new friend.

It takes $2 dollars to make a person feel cozy and warm on a snowy day by offering a cup of coffee.

Offering a pack of tampons and essentials to a female homeless person can give her precious time to find new opportunities and for a better life. Or makes a person’s stomach full for the day by sharing food.


A person might be A Mother, A Father, A Sister, A Brother, A Wife, A Husband, A Child to someone who values that person, and the relationship that they share.

We as social animals rely on each other for day-to-day activities such as getting water in your bathroom from an unknown-unseen plumber, morning breakfast in a store, to go to the office by booking an uber, to share your work-related stress to your friend, to get suggestions on certain things from others, and to fill that empty “VOID” somewhere in our heart.

So, get out of the digital phone for a moment, Look outside, and release your worth and the potential you have to help a person who is in need and To make a person SMILE.

Every human being has a right to live, to enjoy their life, be RESPECTED, and to be treated EQUALLY. We are all the same irregardless of what size you belong, what color you are. It solely depends on YOU.

We as humans must be KIND to one another and radiate positivity and maybe you could be a life-changer to someone.


Writing My Thoughts Un-Apologetically