My son is startup founder

I will not remember myself at the age of 8 and whether I was so passionate about something during that period of my life. I can remember that I definitely liked kicking a ball with friends and riding a bike.

Over the past year, as a mentor of entrepreneurs, I see what path my son has gone through growing up, from a streamer of a Minecraft game to a person reasoning how to scale a business by renting portable speakers. He had such a case today and he earned his first 300 rubles. He was offered to buy 3 chocolates in compensation, but the miscalculation of the unit economy immediately showed that money is a more profitable story.

In two hours, he talked and discussed with me a plan to capture the all country market.

It is necessary to actively promote the rental offer in the chats of our residential complex:
- column

- bicycle

- scooter

The resulting profit, reinvest in the purchase of new units and begin to scale:

Son (S)— “Where do you think Dad is going?”

Dad (P) — “Son, in my experience it’s better to go to cities where people earn more”

S — “So this is Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk?”

P — “That’s right — these are million-dollar cities”

S — “Is it possible to probably send people there?”

P - “And if you look at the examples around you?”

S - “In the same way scooters cost and people do not need and do not need to pay wages.” Or maybe how to put boxes in retail chain in which to place cells and let people take speakers and charging from there?”

P — “Yes, it would be quite feasible”

S — “Dad, I went to make an advertising leaflet about renting my column, because it will be possible to print several ads on one sheet, otherwise paper is expensive now. And then I can put them in the boxes of all the neighbors”

P — “Great. It remains to implement”




Co-founder; Expert in VC Fund (;B2B product management expert

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Dima Vatyutov

Dima Vatyutov

Co-founder; Expert in VC Fund (;B2B product management expert

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