Milestones in product management

  1. Make your way to where you want to be
  2. Don’t believe in fast results
  3. Stakeholders are like children. You need to give them step by step the rules of adult games
  4. Speaking more and more with different departments. They will be speaking on the same language
  5. Your team like young soldiers on the start but after a period we are SWAT
  6. Don’t manipulate. You will be soon a puppet
  7. Do your deal that after nobody remade your job



In last 6 months I try to use different solution for my projects without coding.

For landing pages I usually use

For schedule meeting, video calls and calendars.

Calendly + Zoom + Google Calendar

For collaboration, visualization and teaching


Next step. I tried to use for wiki, landing, glossary


After that it will be…
Figma, Airtable, Adalo, Bubble etc.



This tradition began in 1997 in Berlin.

After year by year this initiative goes spread in Europe, USA.

Firstly in Russia it have been in Krasnoyarsk (Museum center) in 2002.

More famous museums of Sankt-Petersburg joined in 2006 (11 museums).

Moscow’s museums started this action in 2007.

And now almost all of Russians museums joined to this tradition.

Interesting fact we have some united traditions with European and USA cultures.

I want to believe that we in near future our nations have a lot of similar cultural events, minds and dreams.

I believe…



After a hard day, there are several suggestions on how to do this.

1. Watch the series

The easiest way. You make popcorn, call your spouse and 1.5 hours fly by.

2. Play board games with your family

It is necessary to take into account all the interests and especially the motivation of the children so that they do not fall off after losing) “Uno” comes in best with us. The result is random and everyone has the same chance to win.

3. Play a couple of games Fortnite, Minecraft, etc.

Here there is a story with the development of a strategy for getting the best result, communication through Discrod and a couple of hours with a child who is passionate about the game.

And how do you relax?



I’ve had a new experience in the last 3 months.

I applied for a job and thought, “What’s not?”

But assessing my chances and interest in the position, I understood with an inner instinct that this figure was not even close to 50%.

Why do you ask me, did I waste time on this then?

I was bribed by the opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with a professional and a well-known person in the market.

I have collaborated more than once and in general I liked the approaches.

But the intuition said — it’s not yours.

And today, when I received a refusal, I even felt relieved…

That’s the story.


And what conclusion can there be? You can’t step over yourself…