An Army of Brats

Hello, dear America, this is the VVV editing team yet again. Recently, the Anti-Trump hate-fueled riots have been occurring as y’all might know. This is a tragedy for the victims of the hateful communist terrorists “protesting” the outcome of our election. An army of brats- socialist, SJW, BLM, feminist, Radical Islamic, and anarchistic BRATS- threaten our way of life. They cry for the assassination of Donald J Trump- our soon-to-be president and the election to be in their favor. This would lead to a totalitarian dictatorship as seen in North Korea. They don’t just threaten us, they threaten FREEDOM. This cannot go unpunished.

“They don’t just threaten us, they threaten FREEDOM.”

Therefore, we call for counter-protests as we have before. We IMPLORE the Motorcycle Club- Bikers for Trump to rally their support for justice and liberty. We IMPLORE Bikers for Trump to provide support for Police and National Guard forces across the United States to quell and suppress the terroristic armies of spoiled communist brats and their self-centered actions against the American people. In fact, not just BFT, but all patriots tuning in. We encourage all of us deplorables to band together in your states or cities and form mass counter protests to back our law enforcement and beat back against the sub-human shit scum that calls itself social justice. And remember, deplorables… Bring your guns. They already get triggered by the sight of them, no need to fire unless they attack us or our law enforcement.

Thank you for tuning into VVV, America. Have a safe and patriotic week!

-Veni Vici Vidi Editing Team

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