ESS 2017… let’s rock

first week experiense

Looking for an English with native speakers? Action, games in English, speaking, reading, writing experience and camp-living atmosphere? Well, that’s not so far away if you live in Lviv and cheap if you are UCU student… to be honest, you cannot join if you are not UCU student.

Do you know why it is so hard to keep in mind several languages? Because it is almost impossible to find enough time to practice with; yes, practice is a clue to memorising and learning a language.
That’s why whole ESS is talking, writing, chatting and even praying in English only. When you catch in your brain a moment that you are thinking in English, nor in Ukrainian, you start appreciating this rule. 
But we do not receive a penalty for failing this rule. You just get inspired. That’s it. 
And I’ve gotten inspired once.

And that was fun. 
From now some people and teachers recognise me as

“ the guy who has dressed his ‘dress’ out in front of all ESS students and mentors ”

A writing experience.
That’s what I am doing right now. I am happy that we have a flexible writing syllabus, so we are free to choose our topics. 
Tests. Everyone, everywhere: teachers, students, mentors hate tests. Even ESS didn’t get rid of them. I don’t know any suitable replacement to examinations… but… but… there should be a different way to evaluate students experience and growth.

Prayers. Well, well. As I told, prayers are in English, and that’s a good way to study Bible’s and religious vocabulary. But they’re unproductive. I could spend one-two hours per day with much more profit. For some students, spiritual development and Christian rituals are really important, but for the rest, it’s not spending time, they want to. I think it was a mistake to make liturgies obligatory. Students will appreciate rules more if they will not limit theirs time.

Activity. I don’t want to finish on critical tone, so that’s why I’m writing about actions. The ESS Eurovision Contest (we’ve fifth place… sad) was a week’s closing event. Every evening we have a tutoring and gaining a new knowledge, conversating with native speakers and enjoying a new experience. More talking — more thinking — more self-improving, that’s the point of ESS.

There actually are things, which can be improved, ESS community works on it, and I see it. I definitely enjoy my practice here. These three weeks are supposed to be unforgettable and if this is possible to improve your English in a little time — there is no better ways that ESS, except a trip to actual English countries.