ESS 2nd week… let’s struggle

about my adulthoods impression, plague and hot tea.

Weakness, illness, sickness…….

That’s how was our weekend started. Most of the students got sick. I was not a peculiar one… yeah

even Inspiration party must be save from disease

Virus, infection……… HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Fortunately, I was healthy during my ‘celebration’. The ESS plague got me only at night, and to the morning I was already sick. The first day of adulthood begun with headaches, temperature and all other horrible words you know about a flue. I am the happiest person.
But then.
I realised.

Responsibility, help, charge………

I was surprised by a quick reaction of ESS personal.
Medical masks, remedies, prophylactic drugs were supplied just after figuring out the threat. There were enough masks for each sick student to change once per four hours. Mentors have visited me thrice a day to check up my health status and ask me if I need some remedy. There were enough drugs. Each sick (at least personally me) had enough. Every detail was organised, personal immediately created a list of sick students.

I am grateful to my roommates Mark and Borya for supporting me and especially to Ira, who was bringing me a hot tea all the time, asked about my health, has been checking my temperature and tolerating my nagging… Thank you, guys.

ninjas also sometimes got sick

So now I am well.
And now I am happy.
And now I am ready to study again.
And now I have so… so… so much to work out… this blog also.

But I like it.