It doesn’t really matter if the DNC has the voter database (I debate your use of the word “control…
Andy Eddy

All anyone can do is examine the evidence and jump forward with their best explanation. The truth may be more bizarre: multiple hacking events, undetectable yet rampant because security concerns are so slight, each with their own culprit and agenda. Some tried to swing delegates to Cruz, some even for Sanders, but this is icing on the more general widespread act of suppression to inflate the Clinton vote. That is, at least, what the statistical analysis says is most probable. Three million votes seems like a lot, but when you hack voting machines, much of that result can be changed with even four lines of code. It is likely this has been happening as early as 2004 after the spread of voting machines due to the passage of the Help America Vote Act in 2002 by the Bush administration. When that isn’t enough, or it would be detected by those states that conduct post-election audits, more classic methods of vote suppression can be used, such as changing the registration of Democratic Party members that answered pre-election polls revealing affiliation to Sanders with results accessed through NGPVan and VoteBuilder and swapped from state level to the federal level twice a year, or closing polling stations where demographics favor the more popular candidate. Before you know it, hundreds of thousands of votes can be flipped or prevented, shifting the delegate count enough to change a primary’s winner.

I don’t agree with every author I’ve linked to, but they are great sources for real information, feel free to judge its representation. I’m pleased you even tried to read it all. There is no evidence for Clinton’s responsibility in the deaths of that DNC staffer that sourced the recent leaks, the former UN Assembly President who was set to testify against the Chinese billionaire behind Chinagate, a famous anti-Clinton novelist, and a fraud litigator against the Clinton campaign. Certainly, noise is not truth, which tends to be stranger than fiction, and our beliefs should only be shaped by what we can prove.

The Clinton Foundation is a highly rated charity, one whose donors, according to Bill Clinton, expected would provide them with access to the Clintons and their power network. This is, after all, the most extensive, technologically-sophisticated political machine in American history, perhaps the history of democracy. The question is whether or not it is directly coordinating an appointment to the executive branch of the United States government. Even if it isn’t, favor-trading for money is happening at its center, and all this should be really worrisome for our democracy, if Trump wasn’t enough for you.

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