I agree Bernie should be part of a third party, but on what planet is this the Dems’ responsibility…
Yasamin Mir-Shekari

Your party clings to your electoral privileges without any thought that a multiparty democratic republic would be more stable, engaging, and representative of its people. How about you Democrats adopt a plank for ranked choice voting? That way your candidates will pick up votes from Greens, socialists, and liberal independents when our alternative candidates don’t win.

Why can’t you exert pressure on the Commission on Presidential Debates to include leading third party candidates, like Jill Stein and Gary Johnson? A significant portion of the electorate showed up to the polls to express their preference for alternative political parties, and none of you gave a shit. Are you all just so overwhelmingly focused on defending your party from Republican criticisms that you can’t bear the thought of alternate critiques?Don’t worry, our candidates will criticize them, too. Most importantly, multiparty debates and inclusion will increase overall turnout and voter participation.

Why can’t you make it easier for established third parties to earn ballot access rather than forcing us to mobilize volunteers and gather tens to hundreds of thousands of signatures per state before we even start campaigning?

Do all this, and Berniecrats will flee your party in droves for Greener pastures. What do you have to lose?

Oh, right, I remember now, you Democrats are afraid of actual democracy.