Analyzing the mansplaining
Sander Philipse

I enjoy responding to posts and explaining things when I feel I have something of value to add. I try to be as open-minded, rational, and understanding as possible. I’m pretty shy though, even online. Since I’ve learned about “mansplaining”, it has increased my anxiety for speaking up even further. I’m always worried now that I’ll make a mistake somewhere in my thinking or my writing and be labeled a mansplainer. Maybe in the big picture the concept is positive because it balances the scale: women are conditioned to be passive, quiet and they face more sexist hostility in public from men who are conditioned to be loud and make bold statements. Maybe we deserve to be discouraged from speaking our minds after being encouraged so disproportionately. Still, subjectively its been quite burdensome. I guess I just need to go drink some tea, reflect on my privileges, and “man up” (rebuild my confidence). Thanks for your article, I agree there were a lot of poor responses to Holly’s fantastic piece, just wanted to bitch about this word that’s been so aggravating lately.