There you go again, Brendon, parroting the GOP talking points that Hillary is “corrupt” and a “liar…
Tom Christy

I have found elected officials in all parties that I consider capable, reasonable, and humane. They are few, but have convinced me through their actions that they can be trusted with responsible leadership. Hillary isn’t one of these, yet I must admit Donald is the more dangerous villain. Even Hillary, as villains go, isn’t that bad… she at least claims most of the ethical policy positions. I hope I’m wrong, that somehow she is able to navigate conflicts of interest with her corporate backers, avoid the temptations of power, prestige, and wealth, that somewhere in her web of lies (*cough* sorry, “evolving views”) is an unflinching utilitarian truly concerned for the American people. Yet even without direct evidence of quid pro quo corruption, the many troubling details that surround her cannot be ignored by any rational thinker. We criticize and challenge because when we give up on what’s true, we give up on what’s right.

We Greens have no viable alternative, little political experience, and play the spoiler as much as any other third party. You aren’t wrong. Yet, the fault is not ours, it is the system of control and suppression that is to blame. Can you really be upset that we make a little noise while we try to break our chains?

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