Caitlin Dickerson

I’m very sorry you were assaulted and mistreated by my fellow Berniecrats. That must have been traumatic. They were not true progressives. Obviously, sexism in any form is antiquated, it cannot be counted as social progress according to any humanitarian definition. I met many Clinton supporters on the campaign trail who were as reasonable as they were respectful. Did you ever have the same experience with Sanders supporters?

I also ran into Clinton campaign staff and volunteers that chanted “Get out Bernie Bros!” repeatedly at my hometown’s caucus and claimed to our chair that we were intentionally trying to manipulate the vote count. They awkwardly made us stand at one end of the room away from the counters, even though we literally didn’t make a single mistake, we followed the procedure exactly. At another caucus in Iowa, the participants were pretty unruly and started to gang up on the Clinton campaign staff because they thought only locals should be able to speak. All of us Sanders campaign volunteers kept tight-lipped the whole time in the back, but then later the Clinton campaign staff lead claimed in front of the entire caucus that we had incited the rebellion to make them look bad. Dude, we had so much we wanted to say, but stayed silent because we weren’t locals, and yet we were made out to be villains in front of hundreds of people! After weeks of canvassing rural towns all day in the snow, it was a brutal letdown. The in-group/out-grouping and hostility was pretty shitty. We have to commit to treating each other as human beings, first and foremost, and stop judging each other by our worst members.