Raising minimum wage for the 4% of people that make minimum wage doesn’t do much when you have illegals coming in every day who will work for a fraction of the wage. This policy doesn’t do anything for them long term, it simply depletes the system that is affording them this opportunity and then what? Then what kind of relief can you offer them? A strong economy raises wages organically, something college kids should be into, not GMO artificially raised wages.
Why in the world would peaceful, millennial, equality promoting, vegan environmentalists vote for…
luckiest man alive

The current 44% of US workers that make less than $15/hour who do not lose their jobs will see some increase in earning power, and 9/10 jobs lost seems extreme. http://fortune.com/2015/04/13/who-makes-15-per-hour/ If Sanders can negotiate with the Democrats, the moderate GOP outside of the Freedom Caucus, we could have real immigration reform that will allow most currently illegal denizens to enter a pathway to citizenship. They will not only start paying taxes, they will start job searches, they will start companies, and everyone will have pay their employees $15/hour. There is something organic about that to me. All of these earners will also be spenders, and the process of energizing the economy with new consumption is beautiful, but beyond my focus of this response.

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