Bernie Bros need to get out, and never come back, so, good chant.
Caitlin Dickerson

:( Well, I can’t speak for all the volunteers, I usually canvassed alone, but at the caucus we were being nothing but friendly to our neighbors and fellow Democrats, so it was actually pretty damn rude to chant for us to leave our own caucus. While it wasn’t as bad as the sexism you experienced, maybe it is worth mentioning that there were two women with our group of volunteers that were quite upset at being misgendered as “Bernie Bros”. Also, maybe if more Sanders supporters had been convinced to vote for Clinton, at least your activism would have paid off if not mine, so why is that even a smart chant in principle? It was amazing to me to find Clinton supporters, even campaign volunteers, that didn’t even attempt to convince me to change my vote, I was told directly several times “we don’t need you to win”. That’s, um, a clear expression of hubris. I never said that once to anyone I spoke with, not even the Libertarians!

Everyone has blind spots. Cognitive biases are hardwired into our ape brains. I met many people on all sides I disagreed with and not a single person seemed to me to have all the perfect answers, not Bernie, not even myself.

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