How to Choose Mobile App Development Services

Today’s customers are busier than ever and they’re dependent on mobile applications to find what they are looking for. With smart- phone prices becoming more affordable, a major portion of the population will be able to access mobile applications. “Mobile to overtake fixed Internet access by 2014,” as said by Mary Meeker an analyst at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, has become a reality.

Interesting Facts and Statistics to Consider

Whether businesses should opt to create mobile applications depends largely on the potential app users out there and this directly is proportional to the number of people using smart phones. The Mobile Technology Fact Sheet shows, 58 percent of the Americans have smartphones as of January 2014. This is direct evidence of the fact that about 140 million smartphones are being used in the US.

According to Business Insider’s research wing about 22 percent of people worldwide own smartphones and this is a number huge enough to persuade business owners to hire mobile app development services to develop their own unique mobile app.

There are several different smart phone operating systems, but the most popular are iOS and Android. The operating system market share statistics show:

· In the smartphone market share in the U.S 52 percent are iOS users, 42 percent are Android users and 6 percent percent belongs to other devices.

· In the worldwide smartphone market share, 18 percent are iOS users, 78 percent are Android users and only 4 percent belongs to other devices.

These data when businesses decide to create mobile apps they must make sure that their apps run well on these two major smartphone operating system along with the others.

So How to Choose A Mobile App Development Service?

With mobile apps becoming increasingly popular, most of the web development companies are moving towards providing this type of services. So finding a mobile app development service is not a big deal, the main challenge is to locate the right app development company. Choosing the wrong app development partner means indefinite delays, bad user experiences, bad codes and most importantly wastage of hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Here are some pointers that will help you evaluate whether a mobile app development company is good enough to offer quality service at the right price or not:

· Ability to Deliver on Time: When choosing mobile app development services make sure they can deliver on time, every time. If the end result is not delivered on time, this would only mean wasting money and opportunity both.

· Ability to Develop Apps on All OS: As it is previously mentioned, mobile apps are being used on various platforms, so in order to increase your reach the mobile app development company should develop apps that run seamlessly on all major smartphone OS.

· Client References: Client references are extremely valuable, so even before you contact a mobile app development company check out their portfolio to see whom they’ve worked with and what type of solutions they have been able to provide. Also get in touch with the previous clients to know their experiences.

· Cost Vs Quality: Rock bottom prices do not mean you get the best deals. This means either they have inexperienced designers and developers on board or they outsource their work to other firms providing poor quality services. So while sky high prices should be avoided, look for companies offering good quality work at reasonable prices. One way to assure this is by hiring a well experienced app development company.

· Personalized App Development: When considering a mobile app development service make sure they can create personalized apps according to your needs. This means the company should first ask for your business goals, your target audience, etc before getting started.

Finally, mobile app development is not a one- time job since you will require regular updates and polishing to keep it at par with the changing market scenarios. Hence choose a company with whom you will be able to go on a long term association.

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