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I don’t actually give a shit about what happens in Homeland. I just don’t want my friends to one-up me whenever we hang out. When my buddies take turns gushing, “That last episode was sooooo good, wasn’t it?” for 20 minutes on end, it’s crucial to my existence to be able to reply “so good, you guys” instead of sitting there like a doofus.

You are a goddamned moron. I don’t care if my entire social circle is binging The Blacklist like Columbian pure. I made it through two episodes and though the show was shit. But then, I am a well rounded enough individual that can define myself by more than what shows I watch. And I’m not self-centered enough to think I need to be involved in conversations centering on a show I don’t feel like watching. So, I don’t feel the need to watch a show I don’t care about just because my friends like to talk about it. If that is what motivates your TV watching habits, I have mentally disregarded any opinion you ever express regarding television.

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