Car Wash App: Get your car cleaned just by few clicks

Planning to start a business that needs less investment but yields high profits? How about a car wash app? This is simple to start and will connect customers looking for car wash with companies that provide this service. What more do you need? You do not need any running office — just look out for some best web and app developers, give them your requirements of building the app and Voila! Your business is set up just like that. It is like a win — win business for you and the customers. Excited already? Read further to understand how to build the app.

How to Start a Mobile Car Wash App Service:

If you want to launch a mobile car wash app of your own, here is how you need to go about it:

·You will need to download and app from the app store and test it and check if you require any modifications and/or customization

- You can tell the app provider what language and currency you want the app in and they will do the needful

- To get a filly white labeled solution, you will need to provide your logo details to the developer.

- Once you provide the play store you want to launch the app in, the app service provider will launch it for you too

- They will also configure it in your server

- For every car booking job booked through your app you will get a commission.

How does Mobile Car Wash App Work?

There are following steps which you need to follow:

· Register with your personal details like name, phone number, location, email address, etc.

· Specify the details about what services you will provide which include car washing, hovered, waxed, shampooed, dry clean or any other cleaning service.

· Once you have specified what services you will be providing, a profile will be set by the app about the services which you will be providing and the app will show your shop to the customers who need your services. Once they book you for service, a text message and email notification is sent to you as well as the customer.

· After giving service to the customer, the requisite amount is deducted from customer’s credit or debit card and an invoice are sent to both you and the customer or you can be paid by cash too. The customers can give feedback which will be based on your service. Based on these feedbacks you can have more and more customers.

Components of Mobile Car Wash App

When you place an order with a standard app service provider, you should be getting the following components built into your package:

· Car wash website

· Car owner iOS App

· Car owner Android App

· Car owner Web Panel

· Car washer iOS App

· Car washer Android App

· Car washer Web Panel

· Car washer Company Web Panel

· Admin Web Panel

Why should you opt Mobile Car Wash App?

· God Eye View: You can see from which area most of the customers belong.

· Less time more customers: Since booking will be done for car wash you will get the idea about how many customers will come to you for service. Also, the app is very interactive so more and more people will get attached to it.

· Marketing Feature: Your app should have a promo code and referral feature so that you can get more customers quickly.

· Payment Method: Your clients will be able to choose from any payment methods: pay by credit card, debit card or cash.

The people who do not want to depend on others and want to start their own business, car wash app is the right platform for you. So start your business with Mobile Car Wash App as soon as possible and start making great money.

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