How Gamers Benefit from V3 Games

Play to earn gamers should come to the V3G platform.

Top Benefits & Opportunities for Gamers on the V3G Platform

  • Mining currency or in-game NFT art objects
  • Transferring character cards, skills, and items from one game to another
  • Trading character cards, skills, and items
  • Leasing out in-game assets, like weapons, to other players
  • Testing games for GameDev studios
  • A variety of game mechanics to meet the needs of modern gamers
  • True ownership of in-game items thanks to NFTs
  • Buying or renting necessary in-game items at better prices
  • The ability to use in-game items with real value
  • Confidence in the long-term existence of the game, thanks to the interest of users from all over the world
  • Direct participation of gamers in the life and development of the project
  • Management of balance and items from different games in a unified and simple meta-universe interface

Gamers: The Backbone of V3G Platform

  • Playing a wide range of high-quality blockchain games
  • Sale of NFTs and in-game assets in V3 marketplace
  • Testing games for developers

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