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It really annoys me when people say:

“If you’re not talking to and testing with end-users as part of the design process, you’re not a UX designer."

Er yes, yes I am a UX Designer, but I’m definitely not a UX Researcher.

We need to start distinguishing between the 2 roles here. The same way people get obsessed with UX vs UI (don’t get me started). We need to be equally obsessed with UX Designer vs UX Researcher.

Here’s the thing. UX is about designing for users so people put the responsibility of user testing on anyone with UX in their job title. I get it, I agree that we should be testing and validating our work against real users whenever humanly possible. …

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There’s been a lot of hype going around on the new Apple watch and early opinions seem to be quite negative? I decided to repost the piece I wrote on my experience with a smartwatch to add to the conversation.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to try life with a Moto 360. I’d been eager to get my hands on a smart watch for a while and I felt the roundness of the Moto 360 made it feel unique, sleek and somehow more “watch-like” than the others.

Now, maybe my expectations of what a smart watch should be, are a bit far ahead for what manufacturers are willing to give us right now. Maybe being a UX designer and working in the digital industry has made me over-critical of every user interface or interaction I come across. Maybe I’ll just never come round to the idea of activity tracking. But my first experience with a smart watch did not live up to my preconceptions and here’s why. …

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I had this awesome idea for an app. It would help you plan a road trip, be a digital companion during your trip and when you return, it would do a bunch of cool stuff with your photos and turn them into memories and stories. I was so excited about this idea. I wanted this app. Even if no one else used it I’d make it just for myself! Can you tell I’m planning a road trip?

Then I Googled it…

Of course I found a bunch of apps that do this very similar thing already. Granted not perfectly and definitely not to the quality of UX I have in my mind, but people out there had clearly been on the same brain wave and already thought about the same idea as me. …


UX Designer, super passionate about all things digital, awesome music, my gorgeous doggie and seeing the world... overuses smileys :)

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