ADAA 20&21/02/17 (The Mire, Grayceon)

Another week, another forgotten post that becomes one-for-two “article”. The day itself was dull and uninteresting, now it’s Tuesday and it’s somewhat better. Yesterday I started, once again, with some Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, but also with some Emptiness, whom I can’t wait to watch live, definitely one of the better discoveries in the past month and something. And today (Tuesday) I started with the first two Morphine records just because I needed something more chill.

The Mire — Glass Cathedrals
year: 2014; genre: post-metal;
country: UK; active: yes;
listen@: bandcamp;
links: bandcamp; facebook;

So I started Monday trying to get into The Mire once again since a friend keeps mentioning them. Apparently though I’m not in the mood for post-metal currently. I remember little to nothing from that album except that it’s a “standard” post-metal record. I can’t really judge it, but I guess it’s good, I’ll try to listen to them again as soon as I get into the mood for post-metal.

Grayceon — All We Destroy/Grayceon
year: 2011/2007; genre: progressive/sludge metal;
country: US; active: yes;
listen@: bandcamp;
links: bandcamp; facebook;

Grayceon are a band related to one of my all time favourite underrated band — Giant Squid. It features Jackie Perez Gratz from Giant Squid. Yesterday and today I listened to two separate records but I’ll “review” them in one text. As in Giant Squid it’s a cool combination of non-cliché sludgey sounding metal and cello. Jackie’s vocals are as beautiful as her playing, something that always stood out in GS’s records. The compositions are lengthy and strange and diverse in emotions. I can’t recommend this and Giant Squid enough and can’t wait for both Squalus — featuring members of GS and Grayceon (which will be two basses, drums and keys) and Khôrada which is a collaboration of past members of Aggalloch and Aaron from Giant Squid.

This is it for the two days of the week, I just hope that I’ll stop forgetting to write a few sentences. Anyway, have a nice day and such.


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