Hello, random internet user. I’m just as random as you are and I’m here to explain what I plan to do with this blog.

My goal is to listen to a new album every day or at least when I’m at work. It can either be a band I’ve never heard before or a band I know, just an album I’ve never listened to from end to end. On every album I’ll give a bit of info, where the band is from, links to their pages, how I got to the album, a short review, etc.

I also might write about other albums that are highlight for me in some way, about gigs I attend and other music stuff. Just bear in mind that I’m far from a good writer and the main goal for me is to keep track of new things I listen to, what I like and not.

I guess that’s that for now, we’ll see what happens and if I ever keep up to writing short bullshit “articles” about music.


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