My little project, your big story

Something for you

Something for a friend/family

Something for him/her

It was just like yesterday, I woke up, ate breakfast that my mom prepared for us and then went to school with my very heavy bag full of books and notes.

And suddenly it is today, only 14 days left until I turn to the Big-3-o! I sat back and went through the most critical years in my life so far and wanted to do a project about it. I am not sure how many people will actually spend time to read this and how many of them will consider to do the project or even send the project to me. But now I just want to put this project out and see what will happen.

It begins…

There are many stages in one’s lifetime and most people are just too busy to take a moment and look back, to feel the present and to dream or to plan for the future. I was thinking of that while I found myself being too busy trying to fill up my life instead of thinking what do I really want in my life. I wonder after 20 some- thing years living on this planet, who I have become? What makes me happy? What have I done? What is next? Looking at the relationships I have with friends and family, is there something I would like to do for people who I care about but have neglected, because other things got in the way and I forgot to say hi or how are you for days, weeks or even years? Or a friend/family member that I admire or someone I simply want to show my appreciation for. Furthermore, for the people I’ve seen every day without knowing their name, the rich, the poor, the kids, the elder and everyone else, is there anything I want to do for them or tell them about?

So after thinking about all that, I want to do something for these three targets: 1) myself, 2) one of my friends/family and 3) strangers. And I want to invite people to do this with me!
 This project will be something simple for you to do what you are great at or just whatever you feel like doing. For example, I am crazy about design, and I want to design one thing for myself, customized for me only, then design one thing for a friend/family, which is only designed for him/her. Finally I will design one thing for strangers.

To self: Who knows you better than yourself? You can think of this as a moment to get to know yourself better. Send a gift to yourself by you, it can be a congrats, an encouragement, a motivation, a thank yourself note, whatever!!

To a friend/family: From what you have known about that person, do something for her/him to show you care or something you think he/she will like.

To strangers: What’s the message you want to give to strangers. There seems to be no direct connection between you and him/her, but in some ways you are connected, what do you want to say to them, what do you want to do for them? Or there is a specific group of strangers that you care about, do you have anything to say to them?

I want you all to feel free and just go with it, there won’t be anyone to judge or criticize your work. This is a worry free project!
I want to collect the works from all of you and possibly share them to others, so that your stories will inspire more people!

People in all professions are welcome, designers, artists, singers, bankers, recruiters…etc., I think it will be really cool to have you all. In the end, this collection will not only contain a piece of you, a piece of your friend/family, but most of all, it will contain pieces of other co-author’s strangers, who are… you!

Feel free to contact with me here:

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