Facebook vs Twitter, Which one should I use?

Many people today wonder which of the most popular social networks is better to use. The answer is not so simple, both have good points and bad points, but the truth is that everything will depend on the use you want to give the tool.

Facebook was created under the concept of a kind of yearbook, which was then transformed into a letter of introduction from the user, practically telling the story of life, with photo albums and the opportunity to have fun with a game. Look for your friends and family and interacting with them, labeling them in photographs and discussing their publications.

On the other hand, Twitter is more oriented to receive information, with minute-by-minute updates and a more direct relationship with users. They have the “hashtag” tool that lets you track a particular topic, and your publications are limited by 140 characters. Like Facebook, you can post pictures, but the way you share or comment these images is through a “retweet”. Unlike Facebook, you don’t need the user you want to view, authorize your tracking. With only to click the button “follow”, you will see everything that user reports.

Another difference to consider is that Facebook has available the option to chat live with your “friends” while Twitter does not. In both you can send private messages. You can also control the level of privacy, with the difference that in Facebook you can choose to be completely invisible, and you can even control the privacy level of each thing you share.

Both social networks are fun and addictive, but Twitter is being seen more as a newsletter and Facebook in turn is more casual and playful. However, both tools can be used for commercial success so far, being Facebook more visually appealing for the convenience of putting together albums with photos of your products or services. Twitter is being more suitable for artists and models who have indeed achieved great success in Twitter posting things for their fans and promoting their movies and music albums.

Facebook and Twitter are not mutually exclusive, you can use them together to promote your business or simply keep up with your friends. Even, both social networks can be integrated; the user can share their tweets in Facebook automatically through an application designed for that purpose.

Which is better? That you decide, once you start using them. However, we recommend both if you want to build business relationships or friendship, considering that Facebook is much more closed whit circles of people familiar to you, while Twitter opens the horizon to more unknown and even famous people around the world. Enjoy this virtual world and begin using these great tools to not go unnoticed.

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