How to keep motivated

Achieving your personal goals is no such thing as an easy task, sometimes we might feel that the whole earth is conspiring to set you apart from your dream, but even if this was so, our mission as evolved beings is to keep fighting until we achieve that goal that were established in our lives.

In the next lines we will show you some steps and strategies that will help you to stay in charge of your path and your feelings, even when everything turns dark and scary, follow us and discover what to do in these occasions when faint tries to put us down.

How to Stay up… in drops

1. — Continuously remember your goals: as the time passes your goals and ambitions may change, therefore a continuous revision of your goals will let you manage the different changes that the time might operate in your mind and your reality. Once you have detected the changes and you have a clear view of your need, you may reestablish your goals or the plan that you have made in order to achieve them, adapt it to the new situation and enlist some new goals to your list.

2. — Make weekly checkpoints: it might sound as a counsel for kids, but this simple action is indeed the best way to keep a track of the decisions that you have taken in this lapse of time, and the consequences that these decisions have brought to your life and your action plan.

3. — Reward yourself for your achievements: every time you achieve a goal, it is a real demonstration of your effort and intelligence applied toward a project, whether if it comes out a success or not, you must be sure that you have done everything that could be done to achieve this goal, therefore it is fair to spoil yourself a little as reward for all the productive effort. After a hard work, enjoy yourself, after all it is fair.

4. — Give yourself a break: sometimes we ask too much of our own selves, it is common to not notice it until we get to be exhausted. In this cases, it is very important to be indulgent with our human body and soul, it is intelligent from us to take as many breaks as our body and mind needs in order to maintain their optimal functioning in every area of action.

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