So sorry, I’m learning too.

Working for social media is nowadays one of the principal premises for the development of companies. The use of that is currently given to the Internet is constant for those companies that promote their products and working on the hand with the social media, we can create a company with high placing that reaches towards the consumers.

For businessmen and independent companies, the use of the social media and the direct interaction with the client, it allows a more personal and specific development as for market treats itself. To know directly the needs of the client would be in this case our priority.

In spite of being to the forefront in technology, certain companies and their representatives tend to commit common mistakes, like:

- To automate almost everything.

- Not to change the content

- Not bear in mind the critiques or comments

- Followers’ quantity

- Personal and not professional Profiles

- To be in many social media outlets

- Not to update and to optimize the respective networks

- To neglect the security policy

In spite of all these frequent mistakes, the best option which you can possess is to have a Community Manager. These specialists might take charge designing easily a flexible project for your company, across a general vision and a capacity of analysis that increase their experience, you will be able to do effective use of the social media giving like proved a good advertising functioning of your company.

You must be able to spread the information that is to say the information must be precise. The positioning in the network must be within reach of all the users and you must not center only in selling. The reciprocity of the trade will resides on the fact that the options are wider for your company and with this you will able to be a part of the most competitive.

Creating incentives has converted into a need since in the social media you will be able to inform more detailed about your products and this way to create the purchase of the same ones, without stopping of side that the interaction with the clients since, if we listen and pay attention to his comments, we will be able to work depending on it and to create not only many management profiles, but specific one and strategically profitably at the moment of improving ourselves.

To support the interactions, the updates and the supervision of a professional will do to our company become a trend between our users, clients or followers. The more showy and attractive it is the dynamics of social communication between all of us, better it will be the development of the company on the market.

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