Rumours vSport is buying an English Soccer Club

We have taken note of rumors about vSport investing in an English soccer club. We hereby declare that we have no comment regarding the publication of this unofficial news.

Our team at vSport is actively pursuing commercial partnerships and investments globally through our trusted partners. We have built a great team at vSport and have some big plans that we will be revealing over the coming months.

vSport Chain (Sports Value Chain) is the world’s first non-profit, open-source and blockchain empowered platform which is completely dedicated to the Sports Industry. The scale of the opportunities is immense. “Technology has reshaped many industries. Now, with blockchain technology, it is time to re-shape the sports industry. People say in the age of AI, sports will be a major activity for human beings — then sports industry needs to catch up with the development of the technology.” Qiang Bai, executive director of vSport.

vSport Coin (VSC) is a cryptocurrency based on vSport Chain. VSC can be used for football related transactions including ticket purchases, funding youth prodigies, club memberships, and rewards for fan engagement on social media.

VSC will be listed on the cryptocurrency exchanges in May. You can find more information on our official website: ( link )

More news to follow.

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Company Name: Sports Value Foundation Ltd.