The COFFE Game Universe

According to the experts of the NewZoo company, a third of the world’s population is interested in computer games.

Most of the gamers prefer mobile content, but desktop applications also have a huge audience.

Playing and getting real money for it is the dream of the vast majority of gamers. Turning a hobby into a profession is not an easy task especially with billions of competitors and that is why blockchain games are becoming a real mainstream.

Currently, the COFFE multi-chain platform is preparing to release three newest, original games, and four more amazing games are in development. Developers from all over the world are joining us since only here game content can be sold for btc, eth, eos, bnb, and trx at the same time. This allows us to attract players from all major platforms.

Ready-made solutions for Unity, Unreal Engine, and JavaScript are available for developers. Add cryptocurrency to your application in a few clicks, create a complex smart contract in the usual classic C ++ without the need to study Solidity, and the work of virtual machines like on Ethereum and Tron. On the COFFE platform, there is no need to send thousands of coins to the steak to get the necessary resources like in EOS.

Many programmers have already appreciated the capabilities of the COFFE multi-chain and soon we will see new applications and solutions on our platform. We are confident that the COFFE multi-chain is the best solution for creating a business today. The absence of commissions on transactions until mid-21, the predictability of the cost of transaction fees after the introduction of commissions, the multi-currency system, and ease of use are our clear advantages over other blockchains.



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