Should we really be putting high BMI in the same category as pulmonary disease and cancer?

Image: Andriy Onufriyenko/Getty Images

Weight stigma in health care can impact the care people get for Covid-19

Illustration by Anson Chan for Elemental

Illustrations: Simone Noronha

Men aren’t part of the body positivity movement, but they need to be

Illustrations: Maria Chimishkyan

There’s a movement outside of gyms to make fitness a safe space. Whether the industry will ever fully embrace body positivity remains an open question.

Illustrations: Carolyn Figel

Traditional media has come a long way on self-acceptance. But the message is muddied in online spaces.

Illustrations by Thoka Maer

Anorexia has serious implications at any weight, but heavier patients face a pervasive, harmful stigma

Illustrations: Sammy Stein

Why people are giving up drinking, even when they don’t have a problem

As locavorism, veganism, and other healthy food trends took off, some of the people who pushed them the hardest suffered the most

Photo: Michael Klippfeld/Getty

Trust Issues

New kinds of eating disorders feed off our cultural obsession with healthy diets

Illustrations by Thoka Maer

  • Step 1: Decide how much money you want to make in the next year.

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