We are living in a brand new era where things have changed drastically due to COVID and so are organizing the Alumni Reunions.

Due to the online work culture where we are flooded with virtual meetings, people are considering any online activity to be part of a work and therefore there is no excitement left to join online events, especially events full of speeches.

Therefore, organizing a Virtual Alumni Reunion has become the biggest challenge for Alumni Officers nowadays. So what you can do, to make your Virtual Reunion more engaging and exciting for your Alumni?

Here we present 8 great ideas to organize an awesome virtual alumni reunion. …

We are thrilled to share that Vaave has been rated as #1 Alumni Management Software by G2 Crowd, a platform that compares the best business software and services based on user ratings and social data.

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The rankings are based on the G2 Satisfaction Score considering the various factors in the real time user ratings provided by our customers.

We are extremely thankful to all our customers for appreciating and valuing our efforts. We look forward to our continued commitment and strive hard towards enabling meaningful alumni engagement.

Link: https://www.g2.com/categories/alumni-management?tab=highest_rated

Seema Rajpal from EdexLive interviewed us on how we are helping Alumni connect with their Alma-mater.

Here is a clipping of the same!

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The link for the article is here — https://www.edexlive.com/campus/2020/mar/01/vaave-reconnects-alumni-with-their-universities-so-that-both-can-benefit-out-of-it-10366.html


Vaave Team

We help institutions connect & engage with their Alumni. www.vaave.com

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