Grateful musings about love, friendship and the journey of life.

We end up loving people for their defects. When you live long enough with someone, you start adjusting your life to their rhythms. And it’s ok — if everything’s all right, the process is usually mutual.

So, our life starts shaping after the habits of the people we love. Their passions, their little idiosyncrasies: we start absorbing them, getting accustomed to them.

It’s like when you live for a long time in the same place. Maybe the tap leaks a little water, the old lady upstairs keeps the TV incredibly loud all the time and the paint is a somewhat stained on the walls; but it’s home. …

An uncertain post about my fixations

I’m not really sure at this point about what I’m going to post. Probably it’s just a way to test what can be done and how far my linguistic skills will lead me in writing a free-form article about some yet-to-be-defined subject.

Writing. A form of art. One that will earn you respect. “You know, I’m a writer” at the parties sounds much cooler than “I’m a computer programmer”. Probably at this stage it won’t earn you much more than respect, but it’s already something.

I’m not really sure about why I like writing. Most of the times, I ended up writing something just as a form of catharsis. Bad things happen to you, you put them on paper. It works like a valve, it relieves you from the pain of containing all that pressure inside you. …


Michele Piccirillo

Creative, developer, music lover and digital entrepreneur. An apprentice sorcerer with the feet stuck in the ground but the eyes hung to the sky.

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