2:45 am: My alarm goes off after half a night of sleeping poorly. I feel disgusting. I get out of bed and email a buddy to ask him to move my project Conversion Checklist to the front page of Product Hunt.

Yesterday I set up the post, knowing that I could get it moved to the front page shortly after midnight California time, when the Product Hunt “day” actually starts.

Tip: Before getting moved to the front page, show your post to some friends who may like it and upvote it, so that when you do get moved to the front page, you start off with a couple dozen upvotes.

3:11 am: I still feel gross and I start getting on Slack chats to show off the post. Everyone in America is asleep but people in Europe sure aren’t!

3:22 am: My cats are like “What are you doing…

I want to go to the park but I can’t because I have too many projects to work on

I’m a startup guy. I have plenty of ideas. Too many ideas, probably.

They distract me, they get in the way. They are Sirens drawing me to crash my ship into an island of distractions and low revenue.

11 years ago I started a screen printing business, and I grew it over the years from a basement to a real shop. And then I read “4 Hour Work Week” and I fell for the “dropshipping is so easy” nonsense in that book and started creating muses selling all sorts of dumb stuff on the side.

But I should have just focused on the screen printing business. …

(I’m publishing this article now, but I haven’t yet finished the 30 day challenge. Follow me if you want to see updates. Comment if you’ve also tried this challenge)

Yesterday, I did 30 pushups in the morning, because I haven’t been to the gym much lately, and I wanted to see how many I could do. I banged out 30. Pretty good.

Then I did another set of 30.

And then I got sucked into googling the benefits of pushups, and fell into videos of the “100 pushups in 30 days” challenge, and those results.

But since I couldn’t find a ton of articles of people actually doing it, here I am now, writing this daily pushup journal. …


Stuart of Vacord

Founder of Vacord Screen Printing, userinput.io, StartupResources.io, MapPlug. I like sandwiches and user feedback.

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