100 pushups in 30 days

(I’m publishing this article now, but I haven’t yet finished the 30 day challenge. Follow me if you want to see updates. Comment if you’ve also tried this challenge)

Yesterday, I did 30 pushups in the morning, because I haven’t been to the gym much lately, and I wanted to see how many I could do. I banged out 30. Pretty good.

Then I did another set of 30.

And then I got sucked into googling the benefits of pushups, and fell into videos of the “100 pushups in 30 days” challenge, and those results.

But since I couldn’t find a ton of articles of people actually doing it, here I am now, writing this daily pushup journal.

So if you’re thinking about doing the 100 pushups in 30 days challenge, you can see what it’s like!

About my background: I’ve been lifting weights fairly steady for over a year, but I have missed some weeks here and there. I’ve done German Volume Training (crazy results), Stronglift 5x5, and the Texas Method. So I have a good base of strength.

Day 1

I did those 2 sets of 30 in the AM, then decided I’d do 100 a day for a month. I did 40 more in the evening, and asked my wife to cheer me on. She’s so nice.

I also asked in the facebook group ENTREPRENEURS WHO LIFT BRO to see if anyone else had done it. One guy said he had results and that people commented on his arms looking bigger. Perfect motivation!

Day 2

Super sore. I did two sets of 30 and then later a set of 20. I’m going to do 20 more after I finish writing this entry.

My abs are sore. I didn’t expect that to be so pronounced.

My sides are super sore.

Doing pushups today is not as fun.

I believe in rest days, and this challenge doesn’t have any. So I’ll see how it goes. Only 28 more days!

Day 3

Not having rest days doesn’t seem right to me.

I woke up randomly at 4am and my first thought was “oh no I have to do more pushups today.”

I did 30 after I got up (my awesome wife joined me and did 20!), 30 more when I got to work, 20 more after lunch. I still need to do 20 more. And then 910 more total for this challenge…

Day 14?

I just did 30 pushups in my office with the door closed. This would be more awkward in a co-working space.

Last week I was sick all week with a stupid virus then a cold. I took two days off from pushups. I otherwise did them every single day.

Doing 100 pushups every single day isn’t that bad, but it’s when you need to use your arms for other stuff that it becomes annoying.

For example, last week I had to carry a couple loads of heavy random stuff from our apartment a block over to the park, for a party. My arms felt so fatigued.

That’s my concern with 100 pushups every single day (or any program daily), there’s no rest days.

You don’t rebuild unless you rest.

BUT, you can still make progress.

In the army, you do a trillion pushups, and it’s not like they let you rest every other day so your precious little arms can recover.

So I’m halfway through this program basically.

Let’s talk about the results so far:

  • I can do a lot of pushups in a row now. I often do a set of 30 or 40 to start the day. I can do a set of 50 now. If I actually had a rest day, I bet I could do 60.
  • I think my chest is looking better. My arms too. It’s hard to judge gradual change when you see it constantly.
  • My wife said that my chest felt better. That was all the motivation I needed to keep going with this stupid program.

Day 20

This was the first day I went to the gym since starting this program. I went this morning and did a Texas Method workout, with bench press and squats, both 5 sets of 5 reps, plus barbell curls and what I affectionately call “tricep lift behind head” of a single heavy dumbbell.

I think having done so many pushups made it possible for me to go back to bench press after a month long hiatus, and pick up where I left off. I did the same weight as before. The pushups made that possible.

So now what? Do I do 100 pushups even on days that I go to the gym?

I’ll be honest with you, I just did 30 pushups here in my office, 7 hours after having gone to the gym, and my arms burned. I already feel totally depleted, so I don’t know how I can or if I can do 100 pushups. Or if I should, really.

Which gets me back to the sticking point of this whole “100 pushups for 30 days straight” thing: You need time to rest. Your muscles grow when they rebuild after damage. Doing something every single day prevents recovery.

But I’m going to do 70 more pushups today, and see how it goes. This program will end soon enough.

My biggest tip so far for anyone trying this: Start early in the day! It’s an awful feeling when you realize at 7pm you haven’t done a single pushup yet. Try to bang out at least 40 early in the morning.