A day in the life of a Product Hunt Launch

2:45 am: My alarm goes off after half a night of sleeping poorly. I feel disgusting. I get out of bed and email a buddy to ask him to move my project Conversion Checklist to the front page of Product Hunt.

Yesterday I set up the post, knowing that I could get it moved to the front page shortly after midnight California time, when the Product Hunt “day” actually starts.

Tip: Before getting moved to the front page, show your post to some friends who may like it and upvote it, so that when you do get moved to the front page, you start off with a couple dozen upvotes.

3:11 am: I still feel gross and I start getting on Slack chats to show off the post. Everyone in America is asleep but people in Europe sure aren’t!

3:22 am: My cats are like “What are you doing awake???”

13 upvotes so far. Not that many. I had 8 before I got up. I think I’ll make a coffee…

Tip: Before you’re on the front page, make a checklist (I’m into checklists, if you can’t tell) of what all you need to do when you get on the front page, especially if you’re getting up crazy early or staying up crazy late to post. Include all the ways you need to share it, and everyone specifically you’re going to email about it.

3:40 am: I added a couple mentions of the PH post in my newsletter that goes out for startupresources.io on Fridays, and I scheduled it to go out a little earlier than possible (but that’s still six hours away since it’s ungodly early.)

Tip: If you have a mailing list, now is the time to use it to help get attention to your Product Hunt listing!

4:02 am: I share my post on Facebook but don’t expect much out of it because I didn’t want to be spammy. Now on to tweeting it from every dang Twitter account I have.

4:14 am: There’s no way I’m going to be #1 on PH, but I’m fine with that. There’s a new version of Telegram in the first spot, with way more upvotes. As long as I am above the fold on the front page, I’m fine.

I haven’t even put pants on yet.

4:40 am: I want to go back to bed, but instead I emailed everyone on the conversionchecklist.org mailing list and told them to check out the PH listing, and also that I was going to write a startup launching checklist at launchready.io.

I don’t think it’ll help that much, but I thought it was worth a shot to try to get some upvotes from that group.

5:07 am: I’m at 50 upvotes and I feel okay about all of it, and I think I’m going to try to get a nap in so that my day isn’t horrible.

6:30am: Up again at my regular time, and at 80 upvotes. Getting up crazy early and getting the ball rolling with something that should organically be popular lets it do its own thing.

Tip: It’s hard to force something that won’t jive well with the Product Hunt community to do well there. Always know your audience and have realistic expectations.

10:41 am: I’ve gotten to 3rd place and I think I can end up in the 2nd highest voted space of the day, because there’s not a ton of crazy competition. Also at this point I’ve worked the length of a normal workday and it’s not even time to stop serving breakfast at Burger King.

Tip: You never know who else will be posted the day you post, so Product Hunt is always a gamble. Be prepared but try to get lucky.

11:59 am: I am really tired.

12:00 pm: I just crept into the 2nd place for the day. Booyah. And I’m responding to every comment, which encourages more commenting, which helps me display higher, which then gets me more attention and more votes.

Tip: Comments count towards the display of the project, so you can display higher than another project with a better vote count IF you have more comments. So engage in conversations when you get on Product Hunt!

12:14 pm: My server crashed from all the traffic, but not this traffic. I just so happened to time a Product Hunt launch with a client’s big fundraiser with t-shirts for my other company Vacord Screen Printing, and that 200x’d my daily traffic and it went down for a bit.

This Product Hunt launch has vastly increased the traffic to conversionchecklist.org but since it’s a simple HTML page, not Wordpress, it’s doing okay. One of the benefits of NOT using Wordpress…

Tip: Clear your schedule on your launch day. I have other projects live, so I had to leave the computer to go to a meeting, plus work on Vacord, and put out other fires.

2:05 pm: I’m comfortably (enough I guess) in 2nd place, having beat out Buffer, and hopefully I stay in that place, but I’m not worried about it.

I’m going to go home and take a nap, I think.

I’ll update this later with more stats, but it looks like 1600 people went to conversionchecklist.org today because of Product Hunt, and added 200 people to the mailing list. 330 upvotes. Not bad. I’m tired.

— —

If you want to check out Conversion Checklist on Product Hunt, please do so.

Stuart Brent is a parallel entrepreneur currently mixing his time between MapPlug, Vacord Screen Printing, userinput.io and some other small projects. He lives in Nashville with his lovely wife, who didn’t think he was too insane when he got up at 2:45am to start his Product Hunt day.