Loved the article, and frankly the idea too.
Larry Sheckell

Larry, I love your ideas and tenacity. But I got to a point where I had no interest in putting any more money at all into this service, so developing chrome plugins to scrape could have helped maybe. But I think I’d run into the same issues of scrapers breaking when information on the page moved from its previous standard location, or they changed the layout of the pages. The model just wasn’t working, and I had other ventures that were easier, so I killed this.

There are some guys trying this at with more of a freemium model like you sorta described, with community-based reviewing.

Oh and Facebook always denied me advertising there, because they lumped the service into the “dating” category of advertisers, which they consider shady.

I’m now focused on, which is still an opinion service, but it’s working well, giving people feedback on their websites.

Thanks for reading and I’m glad I could get your rusty gears turning.

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