Do’s and Don’ts of Vacuum Sealers

Are you using vacuum sealer more than a year? Still, you are confused to use it?

Am sure after reading this article all your doubts are going to vanish. Nowadays most of the people use vacuum sealers in the home. You can enjoy restaurant style dishes by using the vacuum sealers. Sometimes it may go wrong by using the wrong items and processing in a wrong method. So by now you would have figured out the things to use for sealing and things not to be sealed.

Still, to help you in a better way am here to explain you the Do’s and Don’ts of the vacuum sealers. Is balancing the right temperature is important to preserve food for long days?

The role of Vacuum Sealers:

The purpose of the vacuum sealer is to remove the air present in the package and then heats to seal the bag. The vacuum sealer helps to seal the food stuff and gives a delicious taste to the food. You can use several kinds of food item to seal. It seals the food present inside the package only after removing the air present inside the package.

Do’s Of Vacuum Sealer:

You use several food items to seal. When you pick the best vacuum sealers you are able to use any kind of fruits, vegetables, etc. by undergoing some tips. The following are the things you can seal using the vacuum sealer.

Tomatoes are sealed:

Most of them face the problem by using tomatoes in the vacuum sealer. Yes, it fails most of the time using it in the wrong is the only reason behind it. By following a trick, you can seal tomatoes easily.

You have to freeze the tomatoes before using it in the vacuum sealer. The tomatoes should be pre-frozen as well as it should be frozen after package also. This will make the skin harder and will result well when it is sealed.

The temperature of the cooked food should be noticed before sealing:

You can use cooked food in a vacuum sealer. You have to notice the temperature of the cooked food and then proceed. The processed food should not be hot, and it should be kept in the normal temperature. The processed food sealed after the normal temperature will result well.


You can never work with berries until you seal it with the below techniques. You have to freeze the berries completely for two days and then proceed to seal, or else you will get smashed and juicy berries.

Don’ts Of Vacuum Sealers:

The following are the things that are not to be used in vacuum sealers.


Garlic is a rough skinny vegetable, and you can use it in the vacuum sealer.


Mushroom is another ingredient that cannot be sealed using the vacuum sealer.

Soft Cheese:

Soft cheese can never be used in vacuum sealers as it melts sudden and it can never be sealed if it was frozen for several days.


Celery contains lots of water. When it is sealed all the nutritious in it will be destroyed, and the natural taste will disappear. So using celery will not work better.

Final Words:

Hope this will be interesting, and you have gained some tricks to use hard item using vacuum sealers. Follow the above instructions and seal the terrible ingredients. And strictly avoid using the Don’ts that I have mentioned above.

Here is a Wiki link that helps you to give complete information about the vacuum sealers.