Cigarettes, NO! Guns, mmmm maybe.

C’est vrai.

France is thinking of banning Gauloises, Gitanes, and other forms of Uber Cool Smoking Apparatus inhaled by all those Uber Cool philosophers, writers, poets and existential angsters like Camus, Sartre, De Beauvoir, Gainsbourg.

New EU public health rulings state that tobacco products must not include any element that contributes to the promotion of that product or gives an erroneous impression … ie. French chic.

They may have a point. I don’t smoke and I praised Jesus when public smoking bans came in, mainly because I could stay in the pub for longer, but even that didn’t stop me buying a packet of Gauloises on my holidays last year to occasionally express my inner coolness.

Two Cool Smokers

Of course, most countries have laws on smoking and public health, and advertising and spreading the habit, and all that jazz. Take say, America, which goes state by state, sometimes, city by city.

Cleveland for example, does not like smoking. In fact next year you may not even be able to get employed at the council there if you are a smoker. They even raised the minimum age for buying a packet of cigarettes to 21. Ugh. Dirty dirty habit.

There are other things you can do in Cleveland to pass the time before you’re 21. For example, you can buy a gun without a permit and carry it around. Perhaps something handy like this man with his “Bushmaster Predator rifle with camouflage”. Open carry — open love.

But Not Cigarettes! Don’t even fucking think about it kid.

I know I know I know — this man isn’t harming anyone. It’s just, call me out for being antipodean, but I find this a little bit … mmmmm … what’s the word … perplexing? Where smoking is controlled but keep your goddamed hands off my right to carry a weapon?

As Camus would say, “c’est (inhale) bizarre ... (exhale)”.