Crypto Trading: Best Money Making Opportunity of our Time

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Sep 6, 2018 · 7 min read
Crypto Trading: Best Money Making Opportunity of our Time
Crypto Trading: Best Money Making Opportunity of our Time

It is safe to assume that we all have heard of bitcoin by now. The epic bull run during Nov-Dec last year, when bitcoin price increased from $6000 to $20000 followed by immense media frenzy, made sure that we could no longer ignore bitcoin. We even heard stories about how someone paid 10,000 bitcoins for buying 2 pizzas in 2010 and how much they would have been worth now. This captured the imagination of millions of us.

But the months which followed Dec 2017 also showed us the dark/risky side of crypto world. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and over 1000 more, which jumped in price rapidly till Jan 2018, started declining rapidly ever since. Many of the crypto-coins are now down by over 90% from their all time high price. As most of the new buyers came in December 2017 due to FOMO when the prices were already high, most of them are at loss now. So much for quick money making!

So, what’s the lesson in here? It’s that crypto is still an immature asset class and although it has highly promising applications, but right now there’s a high level of volatility in bitcoin and other coin prices. This makes it imperative to not rely on crypto as a short term investment purpose because our hard earned savings could disappear if the volatility cycle is moving down the prices.

But then everyone wants to make money. We are all looking to achieve financial independence, aren’t we? A lot of you must be looking at crypto with an expectation that it could help you leave your 9 to 5 drudgery and earn passive income while traveling the world.

make money
make money

But is it possible? Absolutely! I like how you suddenly turned enthusiastic.

How you may ask? There’s only ONE WAY. “By learning crypto trading”. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about crypto trading. It is not a skill we learn in school, so I’m not expecting you to already know it. I’m here to help you with that, to help you get started on the best money making skill of our times. There’s literally nothing better than crypto trading to make money in 2018.

The benefit of internet is that everyone in the world can learn from someone who is a master of his game and has practical experience in the domain. No more theoretical academicians to rely on. But you have to be action-oriented in order to benefit from the shared knowledge.


Have you heard of the term “Antifragile” which means that instead of being beaten by randomness and volatility, you can actually gain from it. The smartest people in the world have antifragile mindset.

With crypto trading, you make money on volatility, and this makes you antifragile. Whether the market is performing well or it is performing badly, you make money if you know how to trade crypto. From this perspective, crypto trading also becomes much more lucrative as compared to stock trading. In stock trading, because of regulatory requirements, there are checks and balances on the level of price volatility allowed. But in case of crypto market, because of its unregulated nature, it is running based on free market principles globally 24X7, and so there is huge volatility. It can’t get better than this.


And so for the same level of trading skills, you can make much more money out of volatility than you can make in a stock market. This is the reason why more and more stock and forex traders are also moving towards crypto market.

Mind it, trading is a proper skill to be learned. It is much more a science, although some art may also be involved in terms of formulating your own trading strategy. The basic essence behind trading is that human nature remains unchanged in all markets. We have some animals instincts which are evolutionary in nature and which are still intact. This is reflected in the price charts of assets, and we say that these charts reflect the true nature of the market.

By rigorously learning this skill after putting in a lot of time, you can become a master and keep making money just from your laptop while enjoying beach time in Thailand. How does it sound?

My story

Let me share my personal story with you. I entered crypto world in Nov 2013 based on FOMO with an aim of making quick buck. At that time, price of bitcoin jumped from $200 in Nov 1, 2013 to more than $1000 by Nov 30, 2013. And I entered in the 4th week of Nov 2013. I know what you must be thinking. I bought at the top!!

And then the market turned downside. On top of it, I invested in several altcoins/shitcoins, some of which turned to zero during the ensuing bear market. Why did this disaster happen? Firstly, because I was riding on FOMO, I thought if the price went from $200 to $1000 within a month, it will go to $10000 within another month. But markets don’t work in this linear fashion, it is only human greed and stupidity which makes us believe so. Secondly and more importantly, this happened because I was ‘investing’ in these assets instead of ‘trading’. So, even when the coin prices were reducing, I was stupid enough to keep my portfolio intact. On the other hand, a friend of mine who knew trading made money even in that bear market and was infact planning to leave his full time job to dedicate his time entirely to crypto trading.

my story
my story

But the good thing was that instead of deciding to leave the crypto market completely after getting rekt, I decided to learn from my mistakes. I devoted forthcoming 5–6 months in the later half of 2014 completely immersed in learning about trading and devoted 6–7 hours daily after office. Read dozens of high quality books, did multiple courses, learned from other traders and kept applying my skills continuously to learn from the market experience itself. And finally left my job to do crypto trading full time in June 2016, which turned out to be the best decision of my life.

Now, as a crypto trader who did his homework diligently, I was well and fully prepared for upcoming 2017–18 bull-bear crypto cycle. Not only did I make handsome money for myself, but also for my clients who trusted me with their funds. As we speak, I continue to grind money daily even in this bear market. That’s the power of crypto trading.

‘Buy the rumour, sell the news.’

Because crypto is so fascinating as a revolutionary technology and potential to change the world in unimaginable ways, I was hooked to learning more and more about crypto fundamentals as well. For example, keeping a track of upcoming crypto projects and doing research on good ICO opportunities. Learning about crypto fundamentals added to my skills as a crypto trader. I could know better entry and exit positions, and could also leverage on principles like ‘Buy the rumour, sell the news.’

Image for post
Image for post

As I have now become completely financially independent, I now want to become a mentor and help ambitious people like you to take the same journey as me. I think that 80% of what I learned in 5–6 months can be taught within a few hours, and the rest 20% is all about teaching the art of learning crypto trading, i.e., learning how to learn. And that’s what I plan to do through this blog, to teach you the most important things so that you can get started as soon as you finish reading.

Finally, remember to congratulate yourself on being an early adopter of crypto. Less than 1% of the world population currently own crypto and you’re one of them. This means you are an ambitious individual who is always open minded about new opportunities. Otherwise, you surely wouldn’t have spent your valuable 20 minutes reaching this part of the article. Now it’s time to turn your motivation into action. Register for the webinar and start your journey of becoming financially independent within 6 months from now. See you on the other side!

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