GST has recently been brought into implementation by the Government of India. This is our government’s attempt to reform the tax policy and get the entire economy into one single market.

While the government plays its part in tax reformation, small businesses need to add a lot of tax fling work into their systems. This extra tax filing, which might seem to add up to your work, can become easy with the help of some GST Software Solutions available in the market.

So here is a list of top three softwares available for all your GST needs:

JioGST :-

The JioGST Starter Kit — A product launched by Reliance Jio to assist businesses in their GST taxation filings.

This efficient and cost-effective mobile first GST compliance starter kit is priced at Rs. 1,999/- only which comes with Rs. 10,884/- worth software & hardware products. This one-stop solution has been chosen as a GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) by the Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN) to help taxpayers handle all aspects of the newly-launched taxation policy, which means, you can totally trust this software!

This application comes with a variety of services for all your GST requirements and an additional advantage. The “App based” solutions allows you to file tax returns in just 2 clicks.

The additional advantage of the JioGST starter kit is that it comes with the JioFi device with unlimited calling and 24GB 4G data with a validity of 1 year. The Jio Billing Application enables you to generate invoices with just one click eliminating the role of printers or computers and saves you a lot of money too. The JioGST Knowledge series gives you latest updates and information about the industry, a library of articles and guidelines. In addition, you can get access to empanelled CAs to help you with your GST tax return filing.

You can visit this website to get complete details about JioGST

Tally ERP 9: –

Tally ERP 9 is one of the most trusted software solutions.

It is a powerful software that helps you manage inventory and payroll easily.

It provides a wide range of services like financial management, inventory management, invoice, supplier and purchase order management and a lot more.

Tally ERP does not need an internet connection to operate which one good thing about it.

It manages taxation, invoices, handles multiple companies, and product database too.

With a lot of features, it is a great product but goes on an expensive end because of its price.

Following are the prices for different account users:

Single User — Rs. 21,780

Multi-user — Rs. 65,340

Annual Renewal of 25%

Check out the website to know all about Tally ERP 9

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is an easy to use accounting software with an affordable price. It comes for Rs.2,500 for a year’s service. This software is best for micro businesses such as sole proprietor, e-commerce, consultants and home-based businesses.

It has a clean interface which makes it easier for the user to set up accounts and manage tax filing and compare different metrics. It helps you manage customer information, financial data and transaction history.

It is cloud-based and keeps data up-to-date.

Check out the website to know more Zoho Books

These were the top three GST softwares which would help your business with return filing and a lot more.