In defense of fat sadness.
Your Fat Friend

If being fat bothers you so much, then take radical measures to resolve the issue. It’s more of mental weakness that prevents you from being the person that you want to be. Here’s a 100% way to resolve all your issues — go to an Iboga/Yayahuasca/San Pedro retreat with an intent to resolve all your depression, negative self image, food/drug addictions (sugar, coffee, dairy, sodas, meat,etc — all all addictions and unhealthy drugs in a way), lack of self-confidence. These ceremonies will change your consciousness and allow you to be who you always wanted to be in your mind. Then do a combination of vegan diet, only water as a drink, TRX for core/lean work, yoga-pilates-stretching for flexibility and swimming/HIIT cardio for fat burn(if needed). In no time you will have the optimal mind/body/spirit for YOURSELF and you won’t give a shit what others think of you REGARDLESS how you are. This is the journey that I’ve gone through and this will work 100% — unless you just want to cry about it on Medium instead of taking action to be the person that you always dreamt of being )) let me know if you have questions about any of this and i’ll gladly help you in any way I can. Body follows the mind and that’s what has to be fixed first 😃

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