The Free Market Doesn’t Care If You Live or Die
Paul Constant

So pathetic that what is admired today is pointless accumulation of artificial construct called money and one who has most is considered a hero.. this CEO created nothing - just knows how to extract maximum monetary value from REAL work of others and has a daddy senator that provides insider protection as well as police/security to shield her from the unwashed masses .. She does no real work and yet is paid 400 times more than the scientists which invented EpiPen or workers that manufactured it.. People like her and the whole monetary system of artificial scarcity and division by race, religion, "patriotism" is what’s holding all of us back from an era of extreme abundance for all and true innovation.. All these billionaires / millionaires are part of a problem and are infected with a mindless drive to accumulate MORE MONEY like drug addicts getting heroin AT ALL COSTS.. The real solution is not “trickle down” “free market” oligarchy (with 10% of U.S. population controlling 80% of all money it’s obviously trickling UP) in place now but a system which takes into account basic needs of all people, ecological impact on the planet and aims for optimal quality of all products - not just the "make it for cheap, sell it for Max" philosophy of current system of oligarchical monopolies which makes inferior products with planned obsolescence and crappy quality due to “cost optimization” as well as pushing products with minimal upgrades to keep the insane cycle of overconsumption going. if you need scientific, detailed analysis of a proper system, feel free to read it here --