Unconditional Aspect of the definition of hemisphere functions and their symptoms author PVV

In the beginning, I must assure you that the article is obligatory for reading, if you like me, crave for new, amazing discoveries that allow you to better understand yourself and others.
I made many excellent discoveries in the field of averbalysis, the definition of the functions of the hemispheres, the understanding of awareness and subconsciousness, learning and reflexes, having developed a new research methodology. So much has accumulated — now it’s time to share.

People do a lot of unconsciously do not understand how and why. If people read and understand this, they can be close and close, quality teachers and work with any skills, be it a researcher or anyone, the most important person will begin to understand himself, as he himself functions. I think this is not just worthy of attention, but important at the level of self-knowledge and understanding of the world around us. For the whole scientific world it is a find. Researchers will be able to move from a dead center in the research of the functions of the hemispheres, the study of the brain, psychology, cruelty, consciousness and subconsciousness, learning, reflexes, etc., any activity and human life is connected with this.
The article will turn your understanding of yourself and others around. Please note that this requires attention and objectivity. If any of my statements seem unrealistic to you — before you deny it, check it out for experience, as it requires objectivity.

The main method is to determine what is science and what is not. With the help of laws you can find a common and learn more about the previously unknown. I began to study averbalics — that is, the sense of cruelty and position of the body, using the sciences associated with the functioning of our body. This is a scientific method, in contrast to the famous people constructing conjectures about the nonverbalism without structurally confirmed scientific grounds. (For you to know the difference and even apply a different one — averbalics, instead of non-verbal ones) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBHwcAFXjHc Allan Peese is a good man, he achieved a lot in the financial sense but not scientifically. What he did at the TED conference, confirms the lack of knowledge of this direction. In what he is right, but I did not hear his rumor because of scientific facts, figuratively speaking, he is more like an alchemist than a chemist.

For example, I learned that the hemispheres control the opposite sides of the body — I found out that the gestures on the right side of the body (like all the actions of the right side of the body) are a priori a product of the left hemisphere. After all, gestures are also actions, only with the meaning of averbal. Such axioms allow you to be sure of the conclusion, even the questions that you are considering for the first time. Similarly, the gestures of the left side of the body are the product of the right hemisphere. Although this conclusion does not seem particularly important, it is based on a solid foundation. Having learned also that the hemispheres differ in their functions (functional interhemispheric asymmetry), comparing this with the above, I found out that the averbal gestures can also be distinguished in terms of the functions of the hemispheres that produced them. Conclusion: The functions of the hemisphere affect the meaning of the averbal gestures of the whole contralateral side of the body. That is, the same gesture made by different hands — must have its own interpretation, depending on which side of the body it is made — left or right. This is a breakthrough, but I just flared up. And once the functions of science are little known, I decided to use averbalics and the facts of differences in the sides of the body — for the sake of clarifying the functions of the hemispheres. Thus, I began to search for differences in the sides of the body in an aver- age manifestation.

When considering the differences in the sides of the body among the fallen, first of all the ability to act skillfully on the right side of the body comes to mind. We better act as usual on reflexes, without thinking how we do what we want. Reflex — the simplest unconscious reaction of the body to stimulation of the receptors, but I mean in the form of an irritant — the decision to make an action. We write, eat, control the computer mouse. If we want to do something from this with the left hand, then we have to consciously concentrate on the process of performing the task, and with the left hand the actions are not reflexively performed. This means that the left hemisphere (which controls the skillful right hand) has a function to do more skillful actions due to the fact that we are not aware of the whole process of execution (and this is called subconscious execution), realizing only what we want or needs to achieve, without the need to come every time to How to achieve this. But after all, how could we have learned what we are doing now without realizing it. The meaning of this is that only for the first time doing something new, a person who is not yet knowing in what way to achieve the desired one is aware of the whole process by creating it by bit, and when he achieves the result consciously, next time he no longer thinks how to achieve, because he already knows And subconsciously does everything necessary for the old. This is one of the most important asymmetry of the functioning of the hemispheres. So I discovered the functions of the hemispheres in the aspect of learning and replicating the experience. The right hemisphere (the left side of the body) performs all processes more consciously as a beginner pioneer seeking and creating a new path, and the left hemisphere (the right side of the body) performs all processes subconsciously by default, like a train traveling along familiar rails carrying regular passengers along the same familiar path . For example, we learn to drive by the right hemisphere on the car — thinking when to switch the speed how much to press the pedals and in what order and when learning, the left hemisphere does all this subconsciously when you need to go, or want to ride. Thus, the implementation of the use of the available skill is a function of the left hemisphere, and the implementation of learning new, adaptation or subordination for the survival or acquisition of skill from the teacher or independently is a function of the right hemisphere.

Пример о функциях полушарий: человек исследует правым полушарием и вдруг делает открытие которое позволяет за день работы принести прибыль в 1$! Тут перед ним выбор: или левым полушарием начать воспроизводить опыт каждый день получая по доллару или правым полушарием продолжить думать о методе для его улучшения. Если человек решает еще подумать правым полушарием, то он лишается возможности получить доллар за день, тратя время на разработку метода. Зато отталкиваясь от достигнутых знаний он может продвинуться дальше и открыть способ заработать более 1$, причем за меньшее время. Когда же человек решит что можно это дело поставить на поток — он начинает левым полушарием воспроизводить по привычке опыт приносящий прибыль. Таким образом учащийся человек быстро догоняет в показателях полезности того, кто решил зарабатывать на начальных методах.

В статье о функциональной асимметрии полушарий на Википедии я прочел: На ранних этапах онтогенеза у большинства детей выявляется образный, правополушарный тип реагирования. Это значит что с момента начала развития, человек сначала только учится правым полушарием адаптируясь, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0YYUv_w8Bc повторяя действия ради того что бы уже позже воспроизводить эти закономерности не осознанно, ради повторения опыта с меньшей затратой внимания. Левое полушарие нужно нам ради того что бы оттолкнуться от известных знаний выполняя их не заново как в первый раз словно их нет, а по привычке ради осознания более высших целей применения этого умения. Представьте если бы наш опыт не сохранялся в виде котором его можно повторить не осознавая заново. Каждый раз садясь в машину мы заново учились бы на ней ездить, желая сказать слово — делали бы это так, как ребенок пытается сказать мама. К стати речь как раз локализуется в левом полушарии, это потому что все что мы используем по много раз (пусть даже в разных смыслах) — является привычным рефлексом подсознательно выполняемым ради осознания каждый раз нового смысла.

Делая одно и то же мы вырабатываем привычку. Это происходит вот как: у ситуации из прошлого есть то что мы можем применить в новой ситуации той же категории — закономерность. Например умея жарить дома шашлык, мы можем сделать это и на природе и тогда мы уже не будем в новой необычной ситуации на природе напрягаясь изобретать метод того, как пожарить шашлык — мы будем применять навык подсознательно левым полушарием а осознанно наслаждаться тем что делаем это в иных условиях, то есть на природе. Также ярким примером служат ситуации когда человек попав в ситуацию в которой не знает что делать — не начинает обдумывать что произошло и как он должен был сделать что бы избежать этого, а он применяет какой нибудь подходящий из имеющихся навыков в левом полушарии, хотя он в такой ситуации ранее не применялся — таким образом он сохраняет лицо опытного человека и получает положительный результат. Вот человек который споткнулся и упал на глазах толпы в ответственный момент, и https://vk.com/vinevinevine?w=wall-57876954_727357 Не растерялся.

I want to note that the reflex processes are not as primitive as we imagine them in the beginning. If a person has learned to solve mathematically complex examples in a deliberately right hemisphere in a special way, then he can solve all the new examples with the old reflex method with the aid of the left hemisphere, and he will get quickly new results. This I found out by opening the one described below — the position of the head.
 Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNXlw-1agCc Here is a boy who very quickly calculates mathematical examples, and you can see that he does it with the help of the left hemisphere, on points you can see that the left hemisphere is lower at the time of counting. (In the next paragraph I will describe how to determine the functioning hemisphere according to the averbal position of the head)

I also thought about the averbal meaning of the position of the head — why a man never holds his head smoothly, but slightly tilts his side, and in special situations a person tilts his head sideways, it is noticeable in a photo, video and in life. For example: an experienced leader and an inexperienced leader I considered as options.

It seems nothing special, but no. One of the most important discoveries I got was thanks to this idea. The lower the hemisphere, the stronger it performs its functions. Considering the functions of the hemispheres that I have discovered about which I wrote above, it is possible to determine the functioning functions of a person at a given moment by the position of the inclined head. Here’s a https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBaEeX3RB2g video about people who work fast and only some of them make some movements so reflexively that their left hemisphere becomes noticeably lower. It helps to understand at what activity which hemisphere person is using! If the right hemisphere is lower — a person has a slow, arbitrary thinking realized through the effort of the analyzing and decision-making attention, that is, when a person thinks what to do next, learning and adapting, or solving an unusual task for a person. This is especially noticeable when a person finds himself in an unusual situation in which he must adapt because the person is inexperienced in this. Hopelessness in the absence of knowledge prompts in real time to think and learn, review their settings, find out, adapt, or even submit, it is noticeable in the position of the head — the right hemisphere is lower. And when a person does what he knows and he is in a familiar situation, the left hemisphere in him often becomes lower — the person is involuntarily performing actions without effort, the expression of familiar thoughts without hesitation, reproduction by habit, expression and domination, rapid reflex execution from the habit of everything That man has already done more than once. When a person uses the left hemisphere, he stakes on what he already knows or knows without thinking about how relevant it is in this situation, others see that he is quickly acting already knowing what to do, rather than thinking about how it usually is done by inexperienced or considering several options. I want to note that if experience is not enough, or experience in this situation is not relevant, then a person is waiting for failure. The researcher studying science should think with the right hemisphere to consider a variety of options and sub-variants for the sake of the overall picture. Then when the time comes to apply knowledge quickly — he will have the option for any case. And if you have not prepared in advance, then you will be at the moment when you need to act, not react — but will stand and think about what and how and why to do it. That’s why they respect people who react quickly because of the experience of the left hemisphere.

There are a lot of stereotypes that open their eyes to the situation. Imagine a clever boy whom they nicknamed in school: a nerd. This is a shame for him, but he knows that he is smarter than those who call him that, and does not understand why such an injustice. A classic example of the fact that the boy constantly thinks in the right hemisphere in situations where one already needs to act, as if the researcher has a lot of options and has not yet chosen what to do — learn to give change or respond to insults, or simply say: it’s not me, but you just do not develop . A boy stands and does not decide that he chooses nothing and does not do anything, others see from the outside that the person “slows down” and considers him weak. The second stereotype: Dumb pumping. The guy is impulsive and can stand up for himself in a fight, but he does not understand what the conversations at the philosophical faculties are. He is also hurt that he is in something better, but in what is humiliating him. This is because he is accustomed to using the left hemisphere — the reproduction of the experience is not analyzed and not realized. Priority reflex action instead of thinking about the structural and variant. Naturally you can do as I: engage in research and sports, thanks to this, people think about situations requiring action, for example, football — not “braking” reflexively react to the changing happening. Generally in any sphere the person wishing to get comfortable first thinks with the right hemisphere — learns consciously and obeys, and later becomes a pro. It is important to understand that from childhood to learn more productively, therefore, those talents that we developed since childhood — more subconsciously work. If you think, any action that you can do quickly and automatically — you can decompose into elements that you were aware of when you first learned in the right hemisphere. It is important to note that the level of experience in both sports and science is pondered and analyzed by the consciously right hemisphere, and reproduced by the left hemisphere as a repetition of experience, or the application of experience in the expression of a new thought-in a known way.

When speech is domination, and when adaptation. The person speaking involuntarily — the function of the left hemisphere of the reflexive reproduction of the expression is performed. When we are asked a question to which we have never considered the answer — we need time to pay any attention to what the right hemisphere understood with the meaning of the question and the attitude towards it, therefore journalists asking an unusual question and urging the responding person — get interesting and unusual and sometimes absurd answers . The second time when you will be asked the same question — you will respond quickly and involuntarily to the left hemisphere, this is due to the fact that when you came home you went to bed and arbitrarily thought of the right hemisphere: how it was necessary to answer perfectly and wittily on this tricky question. Not always questions are tricky, it just happens that we did not think of the previously asked question, if the person is brave, then he begins to disassemble the options online and comes to a conclusion for the first time in this issue, in front of the audience, and then it is noticeable that he tilted the right hemisphere.

In the book of Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman, http://fb2.booksgid.com/psihologiya/171519-daniel-kaneman-dumay-medlenno-reshay-bystro.html Think slowly … decide quickly, you can get to know two systems: System 1, and System 2. He himself without suspecting about described the functions of the hemispheres. System 1 — quickly solves problems, but sometimes it is mistaken because of its one-sidedness, this is the function of the left hemisphere! The speed of the left hemisphere in the calculation is due to the fact that this subconscious reproduction of the experience previously consciously achieved by the right hemisphere, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel, and immediately do it out of habit. System 2 is slow, because without a solution it finds out and it takes time.

The results of this article are that I explained one of the most important unconditional aspects of several sciences, I discovered to you the functions of the hemispheres in this aspect. I hope I succeeded in moving many sciences that have slowed down for a while due to narrow specialization. Combining knowledge from compatible specializations is the secret of discovery! I really hope that there will be unbiased researchers who will support me, because it plays an important role for every inhabitant of the planet. It also remains only to ask that you refer to me if you will spread this knowledge further. Otherwise, somebody will give them out for their own, but I’ll go into oblivion.

I will be happy to write again if you respond positively. Thank you for your attention to my work.

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