Nowadays world has been faced with COVID-19 pandemic and more and more companies decided to work remotely. Remote work was increasing year to year but with small pace and mostly for small companies but now it’s changed and everyone is forced to work at home. I want to share with you some small tips how to efficiency working at home. Let’s start.

For employees:

Soft skills:

  • you must be self motivated, meaning that you are responsible for your results. Think that you are building your own start-up;

Sometimes you need to do a load test of your DB. Or you need to check an real-life execution time of your query. To do it you have to run your query in parallel and check what is happening with:

  • execution time;

To do it fast i decided to write very simple Golang script using goroutines and WaitGroup. So, let’s start.

Let’s create a main.go text file. Which will contain our peace of code.

Then we need to use Go MySQL driver to have ability to connect to MySQL server and do tests.

package main//all…

How ride hailing apps tracks drivers location?

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How do we solve this problem in our app?

Geofencing is the most important part of geo based apps such as ride hailing apps. We, in Jungle consulting faced with this problem when started working on GoGo application.

First of all we need to solve these problems

  • get driver location each N second;

The initial decision we made to do it fast for MVP is to do simple REST HTTP API requests to the server when the driver is changing…

Vadym Kozak

Founder, CTO at GoGo and Jungle Consulting.

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