Firstly, I will begin by warning you that this blog is most likely going to be extremely boring, rambly and poorly written. I will be using this platform to mind vomit everything I feel the need to express outside of my head. You’re probably thinking “why doesn’t she just write in a journal??”, well, a) I did already attempt this but it hurt my hand and b) probably my egotistical need for someone to hear my story.

My life is in no way special or interesting (although I had what I consider to be a different childhood, but I guess a lot of people think that), but today I was in the shower thinking of random shit again and I suddenly felt the urge to start a blog. So I did. I am aware that most likely no one will read or continue to read this and that is completely understandable but hey, it’s free to do this and if you don’t like it you can just fuck off. Are you allowed to swear on blogs? Eh, I’m going to anyway.

This blog will also probably be way more depressing than not but it will be honest. I have spent my 24 years being a yes man (woman?) and I hate myself for it. But it’s just who I am. So. Welcome to my very boring a depressing blog! I am going to go procrastinate more somewhere else now. Cheerio! ;)

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