The next growth hack for Airbnb. An interview with Andrea La Mesa, Director of Operations Airbnb Trips

His curiosity and passion for risks brought him to San Francisco.

Andrea La Mesa, 35, is the former General Manager, North America at Airbnb and now Director of Operations of Airbnb Trips.

I met him in Rome in 2006, when we had some friends in common and both shared a strong passion for digital media. I rarely interview friends, but Andrea had such an amazing career with one of the most disruptive startups that I decided to make an exception.

Andrea La Mesa

One of the best (and least known) Airbnb growth hack: in 2011 Airbnb began offering hosts free professional photography services. This had a huge impact on growth. What was the following milestone and what growth hack did you use to reach it?

“A careful selection of images has been a decisive factor to enhance the unique quality of homes available on Airbnb. And enticing new guests to try us. (…)”

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