It is raining again, out of the blue. Falling outside, not just in my mind. As if the rain had belatedly recalled that it was supposed to show up and now appears, at the end of a long silence, not embarrassed in the slightest. Or perhaps, as if it were a lover who’d been waiting at a distance, and only now that all the others came and went, dares to show his face at the door. For the rain knew — had it come sooner, it would’ve merely been one of many. Perhaps even unimpressive, compared to the heavy showers of the previous winter. But we, who suffer from the extensive heat, now welcome it with a bewildered smile: Rain, good to have you with us. Good to have you, if only you could stay for another night.

It won’t, though. It knows that one day, other, better rains will come in its place. It is here now to remind us that this is just a phase — one that passes. Both out there, and here, in my mind.